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2024 Small Wedding Trends

Updated: Jan 13

A lot of times, Wedding Trends are geared towards the 'Big Wedding' crowd. But don't be fooled... just because your are having a small wedding, doesn't mean that it can't be the picture of perfection!

We're sharing some of the 2024 Wedding Trends that even a Small Wedding can pull off, and execute with style!

High-Impact Florals

In our opinion, florals can make or break an event design, so it's no surprise that Bold Floral Arrangements are trending!

Brightly colored florals hanging over a table with taper candles and place settings

Just because you're inviting 30 guests instead of 100, doesn't meant that those florals have to be sub-par.

Floral displays not only enhance a venue with color and texture, but they bring LIFE to your event, organically moving through the space to bring harmony from one element to the next.

Spring for the Statement Florals... you'll be glad you did!

abstract florals cascading from the ceiling to the floor

The New Guest Dress Code

Love it or hate it, it's here and it's having its moment! 2024 is embracing the introduction of the "Attire" card to the invitation suite!

wedding dress code attire card invitation

Black-Tie, Formal, Semi-Formal, and Casual have graduated to Full Color Palettes! Some Dress Code Cards even include their own QR code with more in-depth descriptions.

Whether it is Spring Florals, Bright & Bold, Bohemian Earth Tones, or a full color palette, it's giving us an excuse to buy a new outfit for the occasion!

wedding guests dressed in coordinating suits

This idea provides an even greater advantage for a Small Wedding because it gives you the opportunity to get some great family photos or frame-worthy shots of you and your best mates.

wedding guests dressed in coordinating dresses

Pops of Pattern

We're loving this trend for so many reasons! Have you gone through wedding season seeing a slightly different version of the same thing, over & over & over? ...Us too. That's why we love a good pattern!

soft pattern tablecloth with spring flowers and cloth napkins

A big misconception is that patterns have to be bold and colorful. That couldn't be further from the truth. You can incorporate multiple soft patterns into your design and still have a soft, elegant feel.

But, we do love a statement pattern! If going with patterned linens is too much for you, try a patterned salad or dessert plate. Mixing in patterns creates depth and texture which also create volume in areas that might otherwise look empty.

Jungalow tablecloth with Jungalow sunburst plates and brushed gold flatware


If you haven't noticed, Bows are making their comeback! Thanks to Love Shack Fancy, girls across the country are going BIG when it comes to Bows!

bride dressed in a wedding dress with a large bow in the back

In 2024, we're putting a bow on it!

From Invitations to Ceremony Set-ups to the bridal gown, there is a BOW for every aspect of your special day!

chairs at a wedding ceremony with a bow tied on the corner

Mid-day Ceremonies & Weekend Long Celebrations

Celebrating your big day by having a weekend-long celebration, is even more ideal when having a small wedding!

wedding weekend itinerary invitation

A Weekend-long celebration gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with those you love most, during the most important and celebrated event of your life!

Use this time to unplug, plan a girls-only activity, a guys-only activity, and of course, plenty of time for fun and games. Perhaps a game of croquet! A beach day for the ladies! Or a Fishing trip for the men!

Take advantage of every moment, and focus on creating memories for you and every one of your guests.

small wedding party sitting down to dinner by a lake

Mid-day ceremonies are ideal when having a weekend-long bash!

A mid-morning ceremony allows you and your guests to have a break in the day's activities. Perhaps a wardrobe change into that fabulous reception dress that you can't wait to wear, some down time to spend 1:1 with your new spouse, or even some time to allow your guests to go sight-seeing! When it comes time for your fabulous reception that evening, you will be rested and ready to party long into the night!

We hope you can incorporate some of these ideas into your big day! & Remember... all that matters is that you end the day hand in hand with the one you love.



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