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Advantages to Having A Small Wedding

When beginning the process of wedding planning, the number of guests can grow QUICKLY. Believe me, I've been there.


Take a breath.

& remember...

This is YOUR day!

Do you want to spend the most important day of your life entertaining people that you haven’t seen in years?  Do you want to share this moment with family members whose names you can’t even remember?

Probably not.

So Take Back Your Day!  This is about the two of you.  And you should embrace all that has to offer!

So, I present to you………

The Many Valuable Advantages to a Small Wedding!

Lower Cost

The most obvious advantage to a smaller wedding, is a lower cost.

  • A smaller number of guests equals less food & drink

  • Less Guests = Less Chairs to rent

  • A smaller crowd expands your venue options!  You can choose to have your big day in a smaller more intimate venue, which often comes at a lower cost that the more extravagant, larger venues.

  • A smaller wedding also means that a Wedding Party is optional!  You won’t have to worry with coordinating bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, or ring bearers.  (This comes with its own set of cost reductions!…. no bridal party gifts, no rehearsal or rehearsal dinner, less coordination on your end, less stress!)

Saving money by inviting less guests, allows you to spend it where it matters most.

Which is more important to you? — inviting Great Aunt Mae twice removed, who you haven’t seen in 5 years?  Or buying that dream wedding dress?  Remember... If you’re trying to stick within a budget, the cost for every single guest, counts.

Just because you go small, doesn't mean it can't be the picture of perfection!

Adventurous Venues

Inviting less people allows you to have more flexibility with the location of your ceremony.  Now that you have reduced your guest list from 200 to 25, perhaps it is more feasible to invite those 25 to a destination wedding!  Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of having your wedding in that secret garden that will only seat 30 people.  No problem!  Now you can spend your special day with the 30 people closest to you in the venue of your dreams!

Quality Time With Your Guests

A smaller wedding allows you more quality time with your guests.  Have you attended weddings where the bride and groom were so busy greeting their 100+ guests, that they didn’t even have a chance to enjoy celebrating with those closest to them?  We have.

ENJOY your day! Spend QUALITY time with your people! Not only will YOU enjoy the entire occasion more, but they will too!


Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding?  What if it rains?

If you have a smaller wedding, you have more flexibility with postponing for an hour or two until the rain passes.

Do you want to have a morning wedding but are worried about coordinating a wedding party and guests to all be ready to start by 9am?  The task is much less painful when there are only 20:)

Less guests allows you more flexibility choosing a start time and a day of the week!

More Relaxed

Maybe the whole idea of hiring 10 different vendors for 10 different things gives you overwhelming anxiety.  Don’t fret.  It doesn’t have to be that way :)

A smaller wedding or elopement allows you to be the director of your wedding day.  It gives you the freedom to create meaningful memories on your own terms.

At Emerald Coast Marriage, we offer the simplicity of a small wedding with expert coordination and planning.  We want to make your day as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.  Here on the Emerald Coast, our white sand beaches are pristine and our accommodations are exquisite.  We would love to make your beach wedding dreams come true!



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